The Big Boards
2832 Rhode Island Avenue, Washington, DC
A bar that prices drinks based on current market value.

The Big Board treats beer like a commodity: The price of beer changes depending on the current supply and demand in the market, just like stocks. Beers are listed on a big board — hence the name — that displays the prices in real time, so if you're lucky you may pay less for the same beer than the guy who walks in after you.
The Codsmother
3726 Goldcliff Circle, Alexandria, DC
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A combination dive bar and fish-and-chips shop.

Inspired by punk, this underground pub place pays homage to The Sex Pistols and Sid Vicious while serving up some of the best beer-battered fish and chips the capital has to offer. It tries to serve only female cod, which it says has better meat and also perfectly complements the cheap PBR/whiskey specials.

Bits and bits of Thread
4663 Northwest Boulevard, Washington, DC
A sewing studio out to revive D.C.'s crafting scene.

Bits of Thread is proving that crafting is not a dead hobby. This Adams Morgan-located sewing studio teaches group and private sewing lessons, holds open sewing sessions, and sells all the things you need to make anything out of fabric. It's also bringing more kids around to this fun and useful skill with lessons designed for smaller fingers.
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