Think that your brand new car breaks down and requires to be towed to a service station, a flatbed towing truck can provide excellent peace of mind that your car will not sustain wear and damage while getting towed to safety. If you just bought a Tesla, any other luxury vehicle, you want to earn sure you use flatbed Towing SAN DIEGO. Among Scovels Towing, you can request a flatbed tow for your vehicle 24/7, to better protect a vintage car, heavy-duty car, administration.

Al towing companies don’t give exactly the same services or have the proper tools for your case situation, any towing providers use both a dolly and a flatbed tow vehicle. The dolly is inexpensive, so very often the dolly is used when someone wants to get a motorist stranded on the side of the road. Unfortunately, this option is cheap but is far from solutions, dollies can cause wear and tear on to the automobileached.

Flatbed tow is also secure and efficient, make sure to order the towing operator for a flatbed truck, this is the real choice when you have a luxury German car or have an unreasonable or vintage car that you love.


Traditionally, drivers in need are at the mercy of the nearest tow service provider that is available to come to their aid. People may be able to request a flatbed tow, though this information could get lost in translation from the dispatch to the Towing SAN DIEGO. While you call Scovels Towing you don’t own to deal with a full call center or middleman, you speak right with the tow truck operator who is nearest to your place. They’ll tell exactly what to do, give you expected arrival time and head directly over for help.

Visit us to request roadside assistance services any time, we work all the San Diego area, visit our website or phone our number directly (619) 304-4332. The operator will ask you for your current location and the type of service that you need, such as “Towing service.” Moments later, a flatbed tow company will call you directly to verify that help is on the way and let you know when to require assistance to arrive. In most areas of San Diego, we are able to get a tow to you within 15 to 30 minutes of your call.


Unlike some offensive towing companies that change the price on the fly for any purpose, we do not charge you for help that you may not need. Rates vary, they depend on the type of assistance and the distance that you will need to travel. Anytime that you use Scovels Towing you are assured not to exceed the price that we quote over the phone, so you know exactly at all time something to expect. Scovels Towing SAN DIEGO prides itself in its glassiness pond times.

Call Scovels Towing today to get help faster in the event of an emergency and guarantee that your precious car does not suffer unnecessary damage while it’s being towed

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